Did anyone else find this really sexist? Why did the trailer have to begin with Samus being punched in the kidney like it’s funny? Especially when she didn’t even attack him, she just noticed that he was short and he becomes a nutjob and hits her like that. That’s not cool, Nintendo.

is this real life

is this just fantasy

Behold, Queenie. The crowning glory of Tumblr dumb.

I literally can’t.

(( As a feminist, I shake my head at the OP as people like her gives the movement and women in general a bad name.))

I agree with the above. OP, you might want to consider talking about actual controversial issues instead of silly nontroversies like this. It’s a fighting game. 

Besides, the WFT basically did the same thing. No one complained about that in the slightest, despite it being “sexist” by your definition as well.

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when people think they can just not answer my texts for hoursimage

but what if they’re driving

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PSA: Even though Animal Crossing: New Leaf has a screenshot function ingame, using Miiverse to make screenshots instead will result in you getting clear screenshots void of any compression. ;w;

Here’s a comparison between In-Game Screenshots vs. Miiverse!

PS: You can also now post pictures of your letters with it!

This is very nice to know! Thanks!

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In a sense, yes.

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Uhm, Diva, I have some news for you.

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Slowly acquiring the Gorgeous series piece. By. Piece.

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Static wants to move out but I don’t want him to.

If I was Static I’d be moving out even faster now.

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So I decided to give Aggron a whirl.

This sums up my thoughts on him.